All through the ages we read of incredibly brave women who have fought for the right to be heard, fought for freedom and fought for their country.  We are those women today, we believe that our Country and our freedom is worth the sacrifice.  We invite you to join us as we report news, educate on solutions and work for a greater tomorrow.  Brenda Ward

Brenda Ward Host of Women Patriots has been active with blog talk radio since September of 2011.  She is a conservative mother of 7, and grandmother of 9.  She is a Registered Nurse working in Radiation Oncology treating patients with cancer.  She is a strong opponent of the ACA as she feels that it will destroy our health care system and decimate the quality of care.  She likes to sing, dance, draw and fish among other things.

377242_4289776336564_1636318808_nBarbara Buffing is a grassroots activist in North Carolina participating in Stand for Liberty and speaking at conservative grassroots events through out the states.  She recruits guests for our show through her strong net working skills. She is a strong Constitutional conservative.  She works as an administrative assistant and is the mother of two.  She enjoys riding her motorcycle.


Teresa Bruski is a health care professional, she became involved in the political arena with the Herman Cain campaign serving as the Minnesota state leader.  She is well versed on social media and is a great asset to the team, increasing our presence on the web.  She too is a strong conservative.


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