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Racism Alive and Well In America

In the past few months we have seen reporting on the “knock-out” game and “mobs” entering and robbing stores.  We have heard of old women being beaten and raped, WW II veterans being beat to death and even a baby being shot in the face.  What is of interest is that these incidents have been happening for several years now but the reporting of them has been missing, and when they are reported a critical point is being omitted.  Colin Flaherty has written about these mobs and beatings in a book called White Girl Bleed A Lot (the return of racial violence to America) and extensively at  Flaherty  goes where the main stream media, police and black leaders will not to call these incidents what they are, racial attacks by black mobs and black teens on white victims. There have been multiple, increasing  incidences of black mob violence  all across the nation.   America has a problem that is being hushed up by the powers that be but , to what end?  How can a problem be solved if the police, media and the black leaders  refuse to acknowledge it?  It is time to acknowledge the problem of racial violence in America and address the reasons why.  It is time to tell the truth and begin the process of healing because right now racism is alive and well in America.

Check out our interview with Colin Flaherty in our archived shows.

~Brenda Ward

Brenda Ward



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